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An Integral Approach Driving Sustainable Growth 

Welcome to the Motion5 Model of Change – a dynamic framework transforming organizations by harnessing the power of three key spheres: Organization, Tasks, and People. Within these spheres, the five principles of change converge, driving a collective force that drives your business forward.

Model of Change

What: Setting Clear Goals
In the journey of change, clarity is essential—the "What" principle focuses on defining goals and objectives as the bedrock of transformation. Ambitious goals aligned with talents and organizational strategy create excitement and momentum, steering away from timid results.

How: Aligning Tasks with Goals 
Beyond setting goals, the "How" principle addresses the impact of change on processes, structures, tools, and procedures. While supportive structures are crucial, fixating on them can derail progress. It's about focusing on the ultimate goal while ensuring the necessary supporting elements are in place.

Willingness: Motivating through Connection
Motivation is critical to successful change. By understanding what motivates people and establishing a visible link between talents and organizational success, the "Willingness" principle cultivates an environment where people want to change. Involvement in change projects and alignment boosts motivation, making investments more effective.

Ability: Matching Tasks with People
With strategy and structures established, the "Ability" principle shifts attention to the people. Assessing the talents and capabilities of your workforce becomes essential. While measuring skills accurately is difficult, a snapshot of existing competencies helps anticipate the response to change, guiding effective leadership.

Do-it; Personal Leadership in Action
The decision to act is ongoing. "Do-it" emphasizes personal leadership as the driving force that connects tasks, talents, and company goals. When all the basics, goals, skills, and motivation are in place, execution power becomes crucial. Personal leadership sets the example for successful implementation, especially from key players and leaders. 

Navigating Success through Holistic Change
Unfortunately, the majority of change initiatives fail. The Motion5 Model offers a holistic view, considering various elements crucial for success. The sum of the five principles creates a comprehensive understanding of change dynamics, providing your organization with the tools to achieve its ambitions.

We invite you to a transformation adventure with the Motion5 Model of Change – where clarity, motivation, talent, and leadership converge to drive unparalleled success for your organization.


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